Astral Mirror

Can I use astral mirror's action to play an item into one of my hand slots with salvage?

No. The ability on Astral Mirror allows you to specifically play an asset into one of your hand slots, and does not allow you to play an event, even if resolving that event would put an asset into one of your hand slots.


Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist

dubcity566 · 109
Keep Faith

One of the most basic and safest ways a card can be upgraded is a 1 cost reduction for 1 XP. With this, we can see this card is only on-par with its XP pricing. That said, taking a card down to 0 Cost is massive in ways that aren't always obvious. I've had many turns where I held onto the level 0 version simply so I could use the resources for a critical asset. Being able to play a card fast for no Cost means the card is almost never a dead card in hand.

In addition, certain investigators can also get some absurd benefits from it since it's fast. Wendy Adams with her amulet for example can use the card's Double Willpower icons for a skill test, then almost immediately use it for the effect, or simply use it as discard fodder for her Investigator ability.

That said, there are many cards that end up being higher priority purchases for a lot of decks, but don't overlook this one in a blessed deck.

In the Thick of It

As mentioned sevaral times, this is a staple for Calvin. I usually spilt the trauma 1 and 1 with him, but realized during my last play that it might be more efficent to split it 2 - 0 as you will never test at zero, it will always be a base 1. So I guess the type of 2 trauma you decide on taking is dependent upon your role when undertaking the BOSS that is Calvin.

dlikos · 131
Down the Rabbit Hole

I'm confused about the interaction between DtRH and Shrewd Analysis and couldn't find an answer.

What happens if my first upgrade in between scenarios is an untranslated card and I choose to trigger Shrewd Analysis. Will it consume the second XP reduction of DtRH since I upgraded two cards even though the second one cost 0? I assume it would as 0 XP is still a value and could therefore be reduced (even though it wouldn't make a difference as there is no negative XP cost). However, the wording on the card being "no XP cost" makes it sound like there is no cost involved at all. Yet you still upgraded two cards and DtRH only reduces the XP cost of the first two upgraded cards by 1.

So what's right here?

Crafty · 1
I'm not sure about the answer, but it wouldn't make a difference if you use DtRH to upgrade another card first and then use it together with Shrewd Analysis as the second upgrade, as Shrewd Analysis doesn't say anything about the order you need to upgrade them. — Gsayer · 1
That's true but it is relevant if you play two different sets of untranslated cards and want to upgrade them both after one scenario using both Shrewd Analysis and DtRH to get a huge XP boost. I know it's somewhat of a niche case but it actually came up in a recent deck I played and I didn't know what to do with it. — Crafty · 1
"Shrewd Analysis" clearly says, that both cards are upgraded. So, imho, the XP discount for the second card from DtRH should get lost. — Susumu · 351
Yeah I think so, too. It's a bit unfortunate, but as @Gsayer suggested, there are ways to work around it. — Crafty · 1