Ato. Stage 1

Clues: 3.
You pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming, and sure enough, your skin stings and reddens. You take a few deep breaths and try to think rationally. Whatever is going on, you must explore the theatre to learn the truth of theĀ matter.
JB Casacop
O Caminho Para Carcosa #46. Curtain Call #4.

His Final Bow - Back

A shadow creeps along the wall beside you, and your heart leaps into your throat. You turn, and a figure flits away just out of sight. Either your mind is playing tricks on you, or someone else is in the theatre.
You follow the direction of the shadow, rounding a nearby corner. At the far end of the hall, he stands awaiting you: a man in an elegant black suit, his face covered by a pale mask. Though his attire has changed, you instantly recognize him as the actor who played the role of the Stranger - one of the characters from The King in Yellow. He turns and disappears through an open doorway, as if taunting you to follow.

Choose one of the set-aside locations, at random. Put that location into play, and spawn the set-aside The Man in the Pallid Mask enemy at that location (instead of his normal spawn location).

Advance to one of the 3 copies of act 2a, at random. Remove the other 2 copies of act 2a from the game without looking at them.



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