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The mysterious Stranger from The King in Yellow might know something about what happened during the intermission. You must find and confront him if you are to discover the truth.

Objective - When The Man in the Pallid Mask would be discarded from play, advance.

JB Casacop
O Caminho Para Carcosa #47. Curtain Call #5.

A City Aflame - Back

As you face off with the Stranger, you get the sense that he is grinning beneath his pale, faceless mask. "Where is everyone?" you ask, but he does not respond. "What is going on?" He remains silent and steps back as you approach, until his back is against the corner of the room. You feel intense heat behind you, and you turn to see flames roaring throughout the auditorium. You turn back to the Stranger, but he is gone.

Instead of discarding The Man in the Pallid Mask, move him to the Lobby.

Add 2 tokens to the chaos bag.

Place 1 horror on the Theatre. Until the end of the scenario, horror on locations represents spreading flames, and each location with horror gains: "Forced - After you enter this location or end your turn at this location: Test (3). If you fail, take 1 damage. (Limit once per round.)"

Keep this card next to the act deck as a reminder, and advance to act 3a.

The Stranger
The Stranger


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does this Forced effect work? Is the limit for taking the test or something else? A: The Forced ability is what has a limit of once per round. The first time you enter the location or end your turn there you will trigger the ability and be forced to test agility, taking 1 damage if you fail. After that, regardless of whether you succeeded or failed, the Forced ability cannot be triggered again (by you) for the remainder of the round, so you are free to move again without having to perform the test. That said, there are two things to note about this ability: 1) A City Aflame states that each location with a horror token gains that Forced ability. That means that the limit once per round applies once to each of those locations, not once to all of the locations as a whole. (Basically, imagine that each of those locations actually has the ability written on it.) So, if you attempt to move into one location with horror on it, you’ll trigger the ability and be forced to test agility. Then once moved to another location with horror on it and attempting to move again, you’ll trigger the ability on the new location and be forced to make the test again. 2) Limit once per round is player-specific, so another investigator will trigger the ability even if you have already triggered it this round.
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