Ativo. Mão

Item. Ferramenta. Corpo a Corpo.

Cost: 2.


Apenas no baralho de Daniela Reyes.

Esgote Chave Inglesa de Mecânico: Escolha um inimigo em seu local. Esse inimigo ataca você.

: Lute. Use esta habilidade apenas contra um inimigo. que atacou você desde o final do seu turno anterior. Você recebe +2 e causa +1 de dano neste ataque.

Limiar da Terra Expansão de Investigador #2.
Chave Inglesa de Mecânico


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Read the full card before you get an opinion. Because you don’t have to use that ability if the enemy attacked you last turn. That hunter made a huge mistake coming to you, and now you’re going to bash its head in. Consider it at a cheaper, more specialized machete that pairs especially well with your power and level zero guard dog.

MrGoldbee · 1416
Thanks for this, I definitely missed the timing subtlety here that makes this effective vs. hunters from the prior round. — HanoverFist · 690
I still don’t understand how this weapon works — Aslan_IFLY · 1
Did the enemy attack you recently? Cool. You can use the wrench to attack that enemy. — Darthcaboose · 274
Enchant weapon cannot be used on this card as it is not a weapon. I too don’t understand how o use this card properly. Is it just that if you were attacked in the enemy phase, you can use the Fight action of the wrench on your next turn, since you have been attacked since your last turn? The lightning bolt would allow you to have an enemy spawned during the mythos phase, attack you, but then you would have exhausted the wrench and couldn’t use the fight action on the wrench. — 2DotsontheI · 1
The fight action on the wrench does not require exhausting it as part of the cost, so you can use the fight action even if the wrench is exhausted. — Frost · 262
The entire point of the fast trigger on the wrench is to let you use Daniella's reaction trigger and the Wrench's action trigger later that turn. The action trigger doesn't exhaust the wrench or check if it's exhausted, so the most straightforward way of using the wrench is to exhaust it, deal 1 damage back, then attack however many times you need to in the same turn, to relatively efficiently kill any odd-health enemy. — Thatwasademo · 54
Hunter or no hunter doesn’t matter. If you get attacked in the enemy phase, you can use the action arrow on this card your next turn (up to 3 or more times depending on how many actions you have that next turn). In addition, you can use the free trigger ability to have an enemy attack you if you haven’t been attacked so that you can use the action arrow your next turn on that enemy. Heck, you can even attack multiple enemies with this action arrow if you were attacked by more than one enemy since the end of your last turn. — rainman1646 · 1

Notably, Mechanic's Wrench does NOT have the Weapon trait, so no finding it with Prepared for the Worst/enchanting it/etc.


anaphysik · 94
If you're struggling to fill 200 characters, you could try saying something meaningful, or not bothering. — SSW · 206
For instance, "However, as it's still an item you can still make use of the much better searchers Backpack and Tetsuo Mori, or attach something like Reliable to it." — SSW · 206
I think posts like these are a good argument as to why each card page on arkhamdb needs a comment section for the card itself, so that sub-200 reviews can be comments instead. — snacc · 975
@SSW How exactly do you attach reliable to this? — Magicalwzrd · 6

Important notes for understanding the value of this card:

The action on the card can be used outside of your turn during any window shown in pg.23 of the rules reference, including after a hunter moves but before it attacks.

The action combined with Daniela's ability can allow you to automatically evade an enemy engaged with a squishy teammate without spending the action to engage it. This can be useful on hunters with preferred prey.

When the enemy attacks you due to the action on this card, that enemy does NOT exhaust.

The Fight action can still be used when the wrench is exhausted.

Overall, it's not an incredibly good item, but it does let Daniela make significantly more out of her ability. The more soak you have and more you like being attacked, the more appealing this item gets, but it's not nearly on the level of many unique items like Monterey Jack's absolutely insane whip. In some situations, it's safer to get that enemy off someone with 100% certainty at the cost of taking one hit from it. However, for the majority of enemies (especially those that deal horror), your ideal course of action is still to kill them before they hurt anyone.

Hola, tengo 2 consultas sobre la llave de mecanico: 1 ¿puedo usar la accion de combatir despues de agotarla?, 2 ¿que significa "COMBATIR: Usa esta capacidad únicamente contra un Enemigo que te haya atacado desde el final de tu último turno"?, ¿es decir que puedo COMBATIR con la llave recien en la siguiente fase de investigadores despues de que un enemigo me haya atacado??? — Jargandona · 8
Wrong. Eneme attacks, enemy damages, enemy is evaded, enemy is exhausted — skipnis · 2

Hola, me parece potente la carta pero tengo 2 consultas sobre la llave de mecanico: 1 ¿puedo usar la accion de combatir despues de agotarla? 2 ¿que significa "COMBATIR: Usa esta capacidad únicamente contra un Enemigo que te haya atacado desde el final de tu último turno"?, ¿es decir que puedo COMBATIR con la llave recién en la siguiente fase de investigadores después de que un enemigo me haya atacado??? Entiendo que al final del turno implicaria recibir un ataque en la fase de enemigos, mantenimiento y mitos, para que pueda combatir con la llave en mi siguiente turno. Por favor si me aclaran algunos escenarios de uso de esta accion. Gracias

Jargandona · 8
Hola, primero, por favor no utilices revisión de cartas en esta manera - hay mejores lugares (canales de reddit, discord etc.). Pero para contestar. 1. Sí puedes usar la llave agotada para la acción COMBATIR. Pero no la puedes usar para la primera (no la puedes agotar otra vez). 2. Lo puedes COMBATIR justo después de que te ataca (puede ser por la rápida acción de la llave), Si el enemigo te ataca en la fase de enemigos, lo puedes usar en tu próximo turno. Si el enemigo apereció en la fase de mito, no lo puedes combatir con la llave (o tienes que usar la acción rápida) para permitir el COMBATE. — Trady · 167