Monterey Jack
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Health: 8. Sanity: 6.

Ao final do seu turno, se você começou esta rodada a 1 local de distância de seu local atual: Ganhe 1 recurso ou compre 1 carta (se você começou esta rodada a 2 ou mais locais de distância, faça ambos em vez disso).

effect: +1. Se você começou esta rodada a 1 ou mais locais de distância do seu local atual, ganhe 1 recurso ou compre 1 carta.

Tony Foti
Limiar da Terra Expansão de Investigador #7.

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Tamanho do Baralho: 30.

Opções de Construção de Baralho: Cartas de Ladino () de nível 0, cartas de Buscador () de níveis 1-5, cartas Neutras de níveis 0-5, até 5 outras cartas de Buscador () de nível 0.

Requisitos de Construção de Baralho (não contam para o tamanho do baralho): Chicote Confiável, Segredos Enterrados, 1 fraqueza básica aleatória.

Quando jovem, Jack viajou pelo mundo com o pai dele em expedições arqueológicas. Agora ele é um caçador de tesouros internacional e um arqueólogo competente por seu próprio mérito. "Monterey" segue os passos de seu pai, descobrindo tesouros de civilizações antigas e culturas perdidas. Mas após descobrir um pingente de prata com um símbolo familiar nele, Monterey agora precisa explorar o seu próprio passado. Anos atrás, seu pai foi encontrado assassinado, e em sua testa havia aquele mesmo selo entalhado. Essa imagem assombra os sonhos de Monterey desde então. Mas ele está chegando lá. Ele não vai parar até resolver o mistério da morte de seu pai... não importa o que aconteça.
Monterey Jack
Monterey Jack
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(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have a question about some card interactions for cards that trigger 'at the end of your turn' and 'during your turn'. To draw a specific example, if Monterey Jack's ability draws Cryptic Writings, is he allowed to trigger Cryptic Writing's ability and play it? More generally, when an ability triggers 'at the end of my turn', is that 'during my turn'? And similarly, if an ability triggers 'at the start of my turn' is that 'during my turn'? A: Short answer, yes, “at the end of your turn” is still “during your turn”, so you would be able to play Cryptic Writings if you drew it with Monterey Jack’s triggered ability. (By extension, “at the start of your turn” should also count as being “during your turn.”)
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Wow, what a character. An absolute mad lad. I just ran him through innmouth conspiracy(solo) and he is absolutely bonkers. Many people have said it already, But I got to spend a minute to talk about him.

One of the most horrendous actions in this game, is moving. It's a necessary evil. You HAVE to move to another location. That's  why movement cards like short-cut, scout ahead, pathfinder, estocic atlas are of great value. Especially in campaigns with Huge maps, like innsmouth and edge of the earth. Spending 1 of your few action just to move always feels bad.

Now, what if I told you, that there was a gator, that, when he moves, he pays you for it?!? It's your boy, Monterey Jack. Now, rogues have always had the capital when it comes to resources, but this seeking rogue can NOT take those powerful resource cards. But he can still get by, with cards like lonewolf, or Faustian bargain, but it's nice nevertheless that he can innately get more resources for his move actions. Now what rogues aren't good at, is card draw. Barring lucky cigarette case,pickpocket,easy mark, 3 aces, and all in. Mosty they have powerful draw effects. But never any consistent card draws. But this rogueish seeker not only has access to the best seeker cards, but can innately draw cards with his move actions as well.

Not Many investigators have an ability that is so versatile. If you don't need resources, you can draw a card. If you don't need a card, you can gather a resource. You are completely flexible that way. If you start to add in those powerful movement cards as mentioned,(especially pathfinder and eon charts) his ability becomes crazy, with so much overflowing tempo.

All of those nice things said. He is heavily effected in multi-player, and clue heavy location. In single player. This is a nice balance, there is not many clues on many location, so his ability can run wild and free. But more players invites more clues, and with it. A deck building challenge to really clean up clues. You can totally manage it, with cards like pifer, fingerprint kit, deduction, archaic glyphs and what not. Hell, he CAN take the best of what the seekers can offer, so why not? I would advise a secondary seeker, or a good generalist in 3-4 players, but he can be a main cluever in duos, definitely.

Also, a special case, in horror in high gears, you are glued to the vehicle, and the vehicle is forced to move at the end of the investigation phase, but not the turn. Which means if I didn't force it. (The ability on the vehicle card) I would never use my ability. Which sucked! But anyways, let's look at his stats.

1 will

This Stat is never good. Although, rogues are used to low willpower anyways, so if your teamed, the usual suspect can help,(you handle this one, I'll handle this,  ward of protection.) You will need to soak horror, and you will have to iron out some ways to deal with important will test.... or just don't do them, I guess. I can suggest a few option, especially if your playing solo.

  • forewarned(1)- you are pretty good at getting clues, so it's not so bad, especially if the effect you are canceling  would make you worst off.

  • Higher education(3)- you bet your bottom dollar I'll spend 2-3 resources to save my behind in a important will test, you can have an abundance of resources, you can fill your hand easy, and can use both Stats. I would say it's not a priority upgrade. But if you have the spare exp. Why not?

  • Skill cards- you can totally save an unexpected courage, and a inquiring mind to pass a hard will test. Hell, with some spare exp, I bout eye of truth(5) which is already a stellar card. You won't be able to do this offen, so choose wisely.

Sadly, he has 6 sanity, which Will test usually revolve around horror, so I recommend Logical reasoning or logical reasoning(4) which in general is a good card, but on him it's pretty great, not many(if any) rogues can say they have played it.(The lvl 4 version of course).

4 Intellect

A pretty solid Stat, and with 1-5 seeker access, comes many ways in utilizing it. Stand out cards are mag glass(1) of course, Dr Milan, and death(1).you also have access to many seeker researched cards , and also the new archive of conduits. He can provide excellent seeker support, while utilizing his rogueish card pool. Fun cards including

  • Eon chart(1)(4) - an excellent enabler that allows him to do 3 different things that he is good at. You can keep it charged with ariadne's twine(3)! My favorite!

  • Gené Beauregard(3)- an decent multi-player card. Boost two stats he likes, and provides him additional ability when he moves, this asset pairs greatly with hiking boots(1)!

2 Fight.

It's just as bad as his will Stat. But it's not nearly as important. This Stat comes up mostly when you fight.... which with his ability to move and his high Agility, he usually just wants to Evade. His signature asset, his trusty bullwhip, is an excellent panic weapon, and allows him to take out small annoyances. He can fight bosses with this weapon in solo for sure. But he really isn't a main fighter. Your job is to Evade, Investigate and get out of dodge. Enemy management will be an issue sometimes, so try to be prepared. The rogue 0 cards like backstab, sneak attack, hell even hatchet man will do some work.

side note- you can use the ornate bow, he doesn't have the best pool, but since he likes evading, you can make great use of this.however,you will lose your handslots tho

5 Agility

Speaking of which, this is the rogues stock and trade! But sadly, he is the worst rogue for this. He can't use some of the best rogue cards, also he doesn't have many ways of boosting his Agility. That said. Seeker still has great support for this Stat, I actually stated some cards (gené,hiking boots) that co-exist to help him boost this Stat.

His Signature Card- Trusty Bullwhip- I've talk about it alittle, but what's not to like? It's cheap, fast, and tests with his best Stat. It has that same versatile nature that his ability has, extra damage? Or auto Evade? Or nether, than attack again? Your call.

His Signature Weakness- Buried Secrets-

One of the more tamer weakness I've seen. I mean, he is good at investigating, so if anything it's a waste of a action. Or maybe not, because it has the bold Investigate. You can use a card like eon chart to investigate with it (current taboo actually prevents this now). And if you fail, but you really have to move, you can alway shuffle it back into your deck for 2 horror, you'll see it again, but probably in better circumstances.

All in all, he is an excellent investigator. That allows for quick, fast pace games were he lives on the run, and profits the most from it. Truly, a fun time!

The reveal of his signature weakness may completely destroy my point, but I think Monterey Jack might become one of the best investigators in the game. It will take him some time before he becomes truly unstoppable though.

Mandy can also be built into a Seeker+Rogue combo, but Jack has better resource generation due to his ability and access to Lone Wolf. He should be even richer in solo as most locations have only 1 to 2 clues, allowing Jack to clear them out and move on within the same turn. Jack's signature also allows him to fight with (though the weapon's weak damage output makes it a last resort), making his similarly low less of a problem.

Resource generation is the key here, as Jack can likely fund two copies of Ariadne's Twine without pressure. He can make Mr. "Rook" essentially last forever, or add 2 secrets to The Necronomicon every round. While there are ways for others to recharge these cards, the Twine is certainly more consistent if you've got the cash. Pendant of the Queen is quite a good fit for Jack because he can liberally search for (with Rook) or draw (with his ability) the fragments and benefits from the teleport. The resource generation also means Jack can buy his way out of tests via Higher Education (or just burn a few secrets off the Necronomicon), so his low might not hurt as much as one may have thought.

Still, most of the cards that I think are essential to a fully fledged Jack (for example, Mr. "Rook" for extreme card draw consistency and Pathfinder which should really be his second signature) are tabooed, so he's probably also one of the investigators most affected by the list. Even without the taboo list, he still needs quite a bit of XP to get started with the insane combos.

Overall, I'm really excited to see him in action, and even more interested to see whether his signature weakness will stop him from becoming a formidable investigator.

koaexe · 27
Nobody at 1wp is unstoppable. — MrGoldbee · 1419

Why mitigate your 1 Willpower when you can instead evade nearly everything or use something like Kicking the Hornet's Nest and "You handle this one!" to get rid of the worst culprits? Oh, the encounter deck, you say? Pack in Higher Education and Monterey becomes nearly immune to Willpower tests, his one weakness!

fiatluxia · 64
My favourite way to deal with Willpower tests with him is Well Connected. It's not so hard to flood in resources and this can easily be a +3/4 Willpower available each turn. — Valentin1331 · 60952