Cost: 2.


Veloz. Jogue após você falhar em um teste de perícia por 2 ou menos durante uma tentativa de evasão contra um inimigo não Elite

Coloque esse inimigo no topo do baralho de encontros.

A sorte favorece os distraídos.
Stanislav Dikolenko
A Era Esquecida #34.
Pura Sorte


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can I use Dumb Luck on an enemy that hasn't come from the encounter deck, such as Serpents of Yig or Mob Enforcer? A: Dumb Luck can only return a card to the deck it came from. This is important because it means you can't use Dumb Luck on a monster that comes from a player's deck, the effect would just fizzle. Dumb Luck should be able to affect a weakness enemy, placing it in “its owner’s equivalent out-of-play area”, meaning on top of its owner’s deck. It’s worth adding that Dumb Luck should not be able to affect double-sided enemies (enemies with a non-encounter-card or non-player-card back). But, most weakness enemies I can think of should be viable targets for Dumb Luck. (September 2023)
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Amazing, underrated card for anyone who evades. Looking at you Wendy, Finn, Rita, Silas, and Stella.

The power of this card isn't in coping with powerful enemies, it's in nerfing the encounter deck. Every turn you might endure unknown horrors, and the next encounter card could be truly awful.

When you run across some mook like a spoiler or a spoiler you evade because that's what you always try. You don't always succeed because, well, this is Arkham Horror.

This card turns a failure into a grand slam: put it right back on top of the encounter pile. It follows in the style of "Look what I found!", but for enemies.

You've guaranteed that the next encounter is just another mook that you know exactly how to handle. It's like mirror of recursion from an player's draw pile: instead of recycling good investigator cards, use this to recycle milquetoast enemies.

10/10, would evade that again.

PS: For a truly cool evasion deck run both this and Dumb Luck (2), so you have the option of burying a tough enemy in addition to recurring a mook.

Now see, this is what I'd always thought. It feels like this is a deceptively valuable card. Even in solo, the difference between landing an evade vs. whiffing & playing the card is identical... except you effectively skip drawing an encounter on the mythos phase. DL(2) ensures you don't see that particular enemy for a while, but in terms of tempo, both cards are identical: Enemy is removed from the board. With DL(0) you just happen to know what the first Mythos card you'll be drawing is. — HanoverFist · 690

Dumb Luck’s usefulness seems really limited, but it might have use for your non-combat investigator. You have to evade and fail against a non-elite enemy, but not failing too hard. Then after you used this card, it will come back again next round.

In solo, maybe you can send this to the encounter deck, and then dont have to worry about which of the new encounter card will mess up your day. If the enemy is really tough, and if you have Alyssa Graham, by accepting 1 doom you can send the enemy to the bottom instead.

In multiplayer if you plan ahead and have your leading investigator be a combat orientated investigator, this could work well. You would know it is coming, so the investigator can get his or her weapon or other assets out, preparing to murder this upcoming enemy. Ambush would be a really good combo here as well.

If you dont use it for the card effect, this card could replace Manual Dexterity for the same 2, minus the card draw. But it will be more flexible when you absolutely need this enemy gone for the round.

Euruzilys · 14
Cost > 0 also means, it can't be used with Dark Horse. — Django · 4974
I’m thinking this would also combo with split the angle. — Greatsageishere · 141
If you have combat oriented lead investigator, he'll draw an enemy he can most likely deal with instead of drawing a treachery that might mess his set up. This is cheaper and probably better compared to Close Call. — Pianna · 1
Fantastic in multiplayer when Roland is the lead. The ability to plan and prepare can be invaluable, he sets up on a 3-4 Clue location, you chuck him a thing to kill, and he triggers #First on the scene and his ability to finish the location. — Tsuruki23 · 2487