Ato. Stage 3

Clues: –
With or without Dr. Morgan, you have to get out of here. Fast.

While Dr. Morgan is not controlled by a player, he gains ": Parley. Test (3) to shake Dr. Morgan out of his daze. If you succeed, place 1 clue from the token bank on him. If there are 1 clues on Dr. Morgan, take control of him."

Objective - If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.

Chris Peuler
O Legado de Dunwich #68. The House Always Wins #7.

Safe... For Now - Back

You escape the club, doing your best to look inconspicuous as several cars pull up near the street. A handful of grim-faced men and women exit, running toward the restaurant's entrance to take control of the situation. One of them catches your eye, his hand on the grip of his .38, but thankfully he turns his attention back to the rest of his crew and follows them into the club. You breathe a sigh of relief...

- If an investigator resigned with Dr. Francis Morgan under his or her control, (→R2)

- Otherwise, (→R1)

All In
All In


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