Agenda. Stage 1

Doom: 8. Clues: –

Forced - At the end of the enemy phase, if Elspeth Baudin is ready and there is a memory at her location: Reveal a random token from the chaos bag and place it on that location.

Forced - If there are 1 or more chaos tokens on a location without a memory: Return them to the chaos bag.

Forced - If there are chaos tokens on a location with a memory that have a combined value of 6 or more (ignoring +/- and treating each and as a -6): Return them to the chaos bag, and Elspeth Baudin collects that memory.

Sebastian Rodriguez
Bad Blood #21. Bad Blood #2.

Out For Blood - Back

A crackle of arcane power lashes throughout the sky, seeking out you and your companions. For a brief moment, the torment is unbearable. The pain forks through your body like poison in your veins. A flash of light in the back of your vision blinds you. Then, just as suddenly, it is over. But there is something missing. Something lost. Is she trying to steal your memories?

Elspeth Baudin attacks each investigator in player order, regardless of their current location (even if she is exhausted).

Flip this agenda back over.

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