Ativo. Arcane


Cost: 3.


Uses (3 secrets).

Exhaust Feed the Mind and spend 1 secret: Test (1). For each point you succeed by (to a maximum of 3), draw 1 card.

Dual Brush Studios
Harvey Walters #9.
Feed the Mind


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I've used the upgrade successfully in a speedy Ursula deck that sometimes struggles to get all its cards at the right time. Compared to Preposterous Sketches, which gives you 9 cards for 6 Resources and 3 actions (as long as there is a clue at your location, and assuming you can get one of them back into your hand), this is up to 9 cards for 3 Resources and 4 actions, assuming you can beat a (1) test by 3, which isn't that hard, especially if your seeker has some sort of static boost. Other Seekers more covetous of their Arcane slots might feel differently.

This would probably be a stepping stone on the way to the upgrade, but it's OK as a beginning card.

You mean 6 cards for 4 resources and 2 actions if you played 2 copies of Preposterous Sketches? The other thing to note about that is you'd have to draw both copies of Preposterous Sketches and have the resources for them while this version of Feed the Mind you can play once for 1 resource more (or 1 less since you'll only play it once). I agree, it's okay, especially if you're intending to upgrade it. And the intellect test is definitely not a big deal since Seekers are always finding ways to bolster their already high Intellect. — LaRoix · 1634
I was trying to get an exact 1-1 scenario for the card draw, since Feed the Mind (0) tpos out at 3x3 cards, so I was assuming you somehow played 3 Sketches (maybe Mandy played a Quantuum Flux?). You are correct,: under normal play conditions, Sketches would cost 2 actions, 2 cards, and 4 resources for 6 cards, while FtM (0) is 4 Actions, 1 card, 3 resources (and an Arcane Slot) for up to 9 cards. Even if you average 2/secret, you'd be a bit ahead I think, depending on whether actions, resources, or cards are more valuable at the moment. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1030
If you bring Knowledge is Power, you can get a few more uses out of it. — Zinjanthropus · 225