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Growing up, you were always warned to stay out of the woods at night. Now you know why.

Arkham Woods



Shroud: 2. Clues: 1.

Forced - After you reveal a chaos token from the chaos bag while investigating this location: Reveal and resolve an additional chaos token. (Limit once per test.)

This used to be a popular spot for fishing, but it doesn't look like anybody has fished here in years.
Guillaume Ducos
Return to the Night of the Zealot #34. Return to the Devourer Below #3.
Arkham Woods
Arkham Woods


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question: does this mean if I draw a -1 chaos token, and then a -2 with the additional chaos token, that these are summed together for a -3? Or does the "reveal and resolve" only apply to the effect of the additional chaos token, like drawing a tablet could cause you to take damage?

raigunn · 1
I believe you get the -3 — Weirdmarine · 3
You get -3. All special tokens effects are applied too. — jd9000 · 72