Ativo. Corpo


Cost: 3. XP: 2.


Para cada espaço arcano seu que estiver vazio, você tem um espaço de mão adicional.

Você pode realizar uma ação adicional durante seu turno, que só pode ser usada para jogar um ativo em um dos seus espaços de mão.

Borja Pindado
As Chaves Escarlates Expansão de Investigador #91.
Espelho Astral


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I've been testing this in Daisy Walker with good results. It acts as a second copy of her Tote Bag for consistency, with a few advantages:

  • If I see this before the Tote Bag (I won't play both) then Tote Bag becomes basically a Guts or Perception without the card draw.
  • It costs 1 more than Tote Bag, but it improves your action economy. It allows you to play something into a hand slot as an additional action, and then if it's a Tome Daisy can use her own ability to use its as an additional action.
  • These extra hand slots don't have to hold Tomes, so you could play a Fingerprint Kit, Pocket Telescope, Scrying Mirror, The Chthonian Stone etc. (as examples) without spending a "real" action.
What I find interesting is that with Astral Mirror in play Book of Shadows essentially does not use a hand slot. Probably not essential for Daisy (although a Tome), but other spellcasters will love it. — AlderSign · 226

The wording of this card is interesting. Unlike for instance The Hierophant • V, you do not lose your "empty arcane slots" and replace them with hand slots, but get them in addition. This matters for at least two other cards, that have been spoiled, Eldritch Initiation, for which you can happily fill up all additional hand slots, without having to discard any cards. On the other hand, the only basic weakness, Ectoplasmic Horror also won't care, how many assets you carry in hand slots and will let you draw extra tokens, should you go for the Kali-build.

Susumu · 351
What's a Kali-build? — snacc · 971
Kali is a multiarmed Hindu-Goddess. Nice for taking Sign Magick and not using hand slots. Add in Binder's Jar and you can throw some truly Explosive Wards... — Raketensegler · 1
Yes, on all accounts. These further synergie cards were not spoiled already, when I wrote the review. — Susumu · 351

This card has the potential to do what Bob Jenkins does with its ability: having an extra action to play recycled-asset (Scavenging, Joey "The Rat" Vigil)

Another notable synergy is with The Chthonian Stone. Even if not cheap, it can be played without spending an action after it returns to your hand.

Mateo with versatile scavenging his signature is a funny combo I saw elsewhere. — Zerogrim · 287

Can I use astral mirror's action to play an item into one of my hand slots with salvage?

No. The ability on Astral Mirror allows you to specifically play an asset into one of your hand slots, and does not allow you to play an event, even if resolving that event would put an asset into one of your hand slots.


Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist

dubcity566 · 109