Ativo. Arcano


Cost: 2. XP: 1.


Usa (4 segredos).

Gaste 1 segredo: Escolha qualquer traição não fraqueza que não esteja anexada a um inimigo Elite. Até o fim da rodada, trate o texto impresso naquela carta como em branco (exceto Propriedades).

Ethan Patrick Harris
As Chaves Escarlates Expansão de Investigador #51.
Teoria Órfica


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does Orphic Theory interact with Hidden cards? Hidden cards are treachery cards treated as if they are in your threat area - can I target a hidden card in my hand with Orphic Theory? Does that remove the Hidden keyword and allow the card to be discarded via some other means? A: Orphic Theory cannot target Hidden treacheries in your hand.
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So... this thing does some pretty funny things.

It's hard to go into much detail without some spoilers, but among other things your whole party can probably ignore a particularly annoying encounter mechanic in Dunwich as long as the fastest-cycling deck has ONE copy of this card. And when searching for dream cities in the dreamlands there's another trap you can just waltz through. When this card works, it tends to be the key to your Locked Door.

It's very likely you're going to blank the discard condition for the card, so it is a stall unless you can push the game state to the point where something is either less relevant or irrelevant. That happens a lot though. And its cheap as dirt if you don't need the slot.

Fun in EOTE too, on locations. — MrGoldbee · 1416
Question: Can I trigger this fast trigger after a test during revelation of a card in order to just discard it? Seems broken, that’s why I love the idea. — latvix · 1
-correction: after the tes is initiated — latvix · 1
u cant. There is no fast action window after a test — Shalone · 1
I've been using one copy of this card on Rex in a Return to the Forgotten Age campaign on Hard and it has pulled it's weight every single scenario. There are treacheries that can really shut down an entire round or lock down a player and this card gets you out of *four* of those situations. Even works to support team mates. This card really impressed me and it's on my list of "always consider" right after core upgrades. — Taevus · 691
I don't think you can use Orphic Theory to avoid revelation treacheries by using the player window within skill tests. The reason why is that the revelation is resolved before the card enters play. So if the treachery card is not in play, it cannot be a valid target for the "choose" option on Orphic Theory. — snacc · 975

This becomes a must pick for high draw seeker decks in Dunwich Legacy.

Slot pressure is usually only to dream enhancing serum, of which you only need one. Orphic Theory can essentially block everyone's favorite treachery, beyond the veil. This ends up being a very strong counter to that card, as you can proc Orphic Theory just before you meet the criteria for Beyond the Veil to trigger. It breathes life into high draw seeker decks, which used to have to spec into Versatile -> Deny Existence to run that campaign.

Outside of that, it has some pretty great uses still for most high draw seekers. A couple of treacheries that come to mind are Arctic Wind (an absolute bane to high draw seekers in EoTE) and the possessed treacheries in Carcosa.

Overall, definitely don't count it out. If you're in a campaign with "safe" treacheries Farsight still probably wins the slot, but at 1 exp it's a godsend for those bad ones.

drjones87 · 172
Just make sure you aren't going into your upkeep with a one card deck or you will die anyway, but thats easy enough to avoid. — Zerogrim · 287
@zerogrim Why you said that? The card says "Until the end of the round", so the effect stays during (and until the end of) the Upkeep Phase too. — Flazzy · 5