Ativo. Accessory

Item. Charm. Blessed.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.

Health: –. Sanity: 2.

You get +1 .

After you succeed at a test on a treachery, exhaust Holy Rosary: Add 2 tokens to the chaos bag.

Sara Biddle
A Light in the Fog #220.
Holy Rosary


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I think the real secret of this Card is you are spending the XP not for the extra ability but for the access. I am less interested in this card as an "UPGRADE" than as a good boost to willpower and sanity buff. For Roland, this is almost a auto include. I often upgrade to Elder Sign Amulet with him or Mark and this is just better across the board. The extra willpower helps to protect them from the encounter the deck and the sanity boost is well worth the cost.

Ares73 · 8

Whoa! I think this is the first time we've seen a card positively change class from one version to another (I'm not counting the dual class cards or the new upgraded cantrips). So, if you're a guardian who has been casting longing eyes on the Holy Rosary since the Core Set, you can now have your very own, and it's better.

But really, how much better? I'm a little skeptical that this thing is going to fire more than a couple times a scenario, even if you have it in your opening hand. Most turns, you won't see a test on an encounter card. And even when you do, you might not pass it. Of course, there are ways to meddle with the encounter deck so that you see more of these tests, including in the pool. "Let me handle this!" and First Watch come to mind. But on the whole, it seems like a pretty iffy way to add more tokens to the bag. For me, this would be a late-campaign upgrade for a Sister Mary deck, when I'm sitting on a bunch of xp and there's nothing in my deck I want to get rid of. In that case, sure, pimp my rosary (apologies to all Catholics).

I will say that this card may make sense in one campaign: The Circle Undone. That hexy hellride is FULL of treacheries with checks. I just checked -- in the deluxe boy and the 6 mythos packs, here's the breakdown:

checks: 4 cards checks: 4 cards checks: 40 cards

So, yeah, you'll be taking some checks. Static buffs of any kind are advised -- all the better if they reward success. Who knows? Maybe you'll run across a certain traumatised chef in the course of your adventures, in which case you can get paid twice!

Circle also has some Mythos cards in your threat area that require a will test. So person with this can resolve it. — Django · 4974
Same in TFA. As a blessed card, Mateo can take this, and with two of them, he can add 4 blessings with almost every round in some scenarios. Django is right, and in three player, with 'you handle this one' on our rogue, this is an amazing way to keep the bag full. Especially with sacred covenant. And with Mary, overfull in Carcosa; The bag would be at 10 and I would still have 3+ tokens to add. — MrGoldbee · 1419
I think you take this fairly early in any Mary deck actually just because it’s a reliable source of bless almost every turn. Mary has trouble with keeping bless in the bag. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I think a will test on encounter cards is fairly common, and you can run cards like First Watch or Let me handle this to ensure you get these tests more regularly. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
For those, who can take both (Mateo, Mary, Diana, Carolyn) it is 2 XP for occasionally putting 2 Bless tokens into the bag. I agree, that sounds "nice to have, once you've got everything else, you really need. For traditional guardians, I think upgraded "Bandolier" (same price and XP) or "Brother Xavier" (much more expensive, but only 1 XP) would be still more interesting to buff willpower. — Susumu · 351
I've run this with Zoey in Return to Dunwich, and it's been fantastic. With Violent Commands, you can keep it out the entire scenario and add 2 blessings to the bag every. single. turn. The bag was pumped so full of bless tokens it actually made me decide to give Blessing of Isis a shot (that, on the other hand, doesn't pull its weight at all.) — Pinchers · 125
Pairing it w Violent Commands: a stroke of brilliance :) — Mordenlordgrandison · 433
A note that was brought up on Tooth of Eztli and is also relevant here: A will test "on a treachery" doesn't necessarily have to be part of its revelation effect. There are plenty of treacheries that get discarded as an action with a will test, and anyone at that location can attempt it. — Thatwasademo · 54

Love this card to the high heavens and back. I've been running Innesmouth recently with friends and am playing Father Mateo for the first time and this card is so useful. Obviously, it keeps the +1 guts and the 2 horror soak from the basic, but as it is a Blessed card and therefore can be added to Father Mateo's decks; and as a Mystic who already uses guts in many checks for his skills I see it as almost an auto include for him. Especially if you have a player with access to rogue cards, like our Monterey Jack, who can chuck problematic guts tests at you; you have a good accessory that helps most tests you take and a decently reliable bless generation engine to support the rest of the team.

Novasoal · 4