Cost: 2.


Investigate. Add your value to your skill value for this investigation. If you succeed by 2 or more, you may automatically evade an enemy at this location. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

If you're careful, it's just "entering."
Lake Hurwitz
In Too Deep #114.
Breaking and Entering


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have several questions about Concealed today, gathered from several people who have encountered confusion while playing The Scarlet Keys. 1) To what extent are effects on cards replaced by exposing a concealed mini-card (henceforth referred to as just "exposure" or "exposing")? For example, if I use Breaking and Entering to discover a clue and automatically evade an enemy, can a discover a clue and use the automatic evade to expose? Or automatically evade an actual enemy that happens to be engaged with me, and replace the clue discovery with exposure? The rules state that "all effects" of the ability that performs exposure are replaced by exposure, but the examples only seem to show instances where individual effects are replaced, not multiple effects. 2) Similarly, if I investigate with Thieves' Kit to expose, is the resource I gain from a successful investigation also replaced by exposure? 3) The rules state that an effect that deals 3 damage to every enemy at a location cannot do multiple exposures; only one mini-card can be exposed by any ability. However, can such an effect still deal damage to enemies at the location, as well as exposing a mini-card? 4) Suppose Trish Scarborough is at a location with solely a concealed mini-card. After she discovers 1 or more clues, can she trigger her ability, and use the automatic evasion that results to expose? Can she use the "discover 1 additional clue" option to expose? The straightforward answer would appear to be "no", since she is not at a location with an enemy, but it's slightly ambiguous because automatic evasion can be performed on mini-cards as if they were engaged enemies, so that might let her ability trigger. 5) Suppose Trish is at a location where she is engaged with an enemy, and there is also a concealed mini-card at that location. Now that there is an enemy, her ability can definitely trigger no matter what (and if there was a clue there, she could definitely replace the clue discovery option with an exposure). However, if there were no clues at the location, could she use the automatic evasion option of her ability to expose? Or can the automatic evasion only target "that enemy" (i.e. the actual enemy engaged with her).
    A: To answer your question(s):
    • 1) A single effect that qualifies as “attacking, evading, or successfully investigating” would be replaced with the exposing of a concealed card. Another way to think of it is that an instance of damage, evasion, or clue discovering gets replaced. That in mind:
    • a) For Breaking and Entering, you can replace either the successful investigation attempt (clue-gathering) OR the auto-evade with the exposing of the concealed mini-card, since these are two separate effects.
    • With Thieves' Kit, you may replace the clues you would gather on a success with the exposing of the revealed card, and you’d still get 1 resource since that’s a separate effect.
    • An effect that deals damage to “each enemy” at a location would have its entire damage effect replaced with the exposing of the concealed card.
    • If Trish is at a location with only a concealed card, she is not considered to be at a location with an enemy, so her reaction ability cannot trigger or be replaced with an expose.
    • If there are no clues at her location, Trish cannot trigger her reaction ability. Additionally, because the concealed mini-card is not an enemy at that time, she cannot evade “that enemy.”
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Breaking and Entering, an interesting card. Consider this:

Some nice action compression - it’s combining an investigate and an evade into one almost guaranteed action. Though if you are the clue-finder, this one use card can’t be your only means of discovering clues.

You can auto-evade any one (elite) enemy at your location without having to be engaged with them. This can help out another investigator at your location without wasting actions having to engage and evade a strong enemy yourself. This can also target Aloof enemies to turn off that annoying keyword and set up for an attack.

If an (elite) enemy is guarding a location with multiple clues, play this card to: auto-evade the enemy, make a start on gathering the clues (without tanking an Attack of Opportunity) and ensuring that further investigation checks don’t provoke AoO’s. During the Enemy Phase, the evaded enemy can do nothing - only ready and re-engage you in the Upkeep Phase. In the second round, you can evade the enemy normally (making card draw and/or resources off of the success if you have the relevant cards) and skip out of the location towards the next bundle of clues.

While not ideal, it can still be used on a location with no clues to essentially supercharge an evasion attempt. This is useful if the Shroud value is lower than the enemy’s evade value or if the enemy has the Alert keyword. Do bear in mind that a failed investigate check will activate the Haunted keyword on locations in TCU (currently the only relevant cycle).

Activates typical Rogue “succeeds by” mechanics, (though Pickpocketing will only trigger the base reaction, not the succeed by 2 reaction, as you still have evaded an enemy but without the associated skill test) as well as other investigator abilities that care about evading an enemy.

Can be combined with Chuck Fergus to make it fast, free or give a likely unnecessary boost to the skill test.

TLDR; A one use Lockpicks supply and an upgraded Stray Cat, all rolled into a reasonably affordable, level 0 Rogue event card.

RollanPyro · 91
One more card for my Jenny and Alice Luxley deck. Fantastic — The Lynx · 971
Ths card can save your butt against a certain boss, who has the (potential) ability to treat all tokens of -1 or better as autofails, if you fight or evade him. — Susumu · 351
Unfortunately you're not "turning off" Aloof and setting up an attack by evading an Aloof enemy, because they can only be attacked when they're engaged with an investigator. — Pinchers · 125
Kymani finds this card very useful — Amante · 8
I would also consider it in Rex Murphy since he benefits from the investigate oversucceed. — AlderSign · 226

So this isn't in the same vein as Seeker or Guardian cards that let you cheat 2+ clues at a location. But!

How often have you been playing as the Rogue and you need clues AND evade the enemy both? Well, I play exclusively two-handed, and in two-investigator games, this seems absolutely amazing.

Encounter deck got you bogged down? -- No worries, play this; many rogues aim to succeed by 2 or more anyway -- the upside is fantastic, saving actions!

INT and AGI icons are just gravy, the 2 cost is reasonable; I think I'll be trying this very soon.

fiatluxia · 64
I also see does not provoke attack of oppertunity tided to an investigate action as something I like alot, and I think trish agrees with me. — Zerogrim · 287
Yes, the fact you can avoid AoO makes this card way stronger! — fiatluxia · 64
Yes, Trish loves this card. Since the enemy is automatically evaded, she can just use her ability to grab an extra clue. — eapfel · 5

The thing that makes this card good is how frequently you want to play it. The central reason you want to evade enemies is so that you can clear clues off locations without having to deal with them, either leaving them to your Guardian or walking away from them entirely. This card does the thing that makes the game progress while effortlessly avoiding the things that stop the game from progressing and mitigating the risk that it all goes sour. Technically it's barely an extra action for 2 resources, but practically it's a stunningly powerful card for seeker rogues and will rarely not impress.

LocoPojo · 227
Best card to handle Trish's own weakness — BoomEzreal · 8

Really interesting in The Circle undone: with an investigation action you can evade a Witch enemy and then all the investigators at your location can automatically discard their Hex treacheries. Even better in The Secret name !

I'm currently running a "lowering difficulty" (Quick learner + Leo de Luca + Haste) Wendy deck and even in hard it's very efficient !

AlexP · 245