City. Otherworld.

Shroud: 6. Clues: 2.


For each Priest of a Thousand Masks at the City-Which-Appears-On-No-Map, reduce its shroud by 1.

Forced - After you fail a skill test while investigating the City-Which-Appears-On-No-Map: Search the encounter deck and discard pile for a Priest of a Thousand Masks and spawn it here. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Victory 2.
Hai Hoang
The Search for Kadath #143. The Search for Kadath #25.



You have uncovered two Signs of the Gods (place 2 resources on the scenario reference card).

Discard each enemy here. Move each investigator here to the Temple of Unattainable Desires (cannot be canceled). Flip this card back over and add it to the victory display.

You traverse the tangled streets of this dark, abandoned realm for what seems like many hours. You cannot tell the passage of time, for the star that hangs above you never moves, and the rest of the sky is empty and devoid of all light. Finally you reach the square in the center of town, directly below the baleful star. Its red glare shines down on a statue depicting an otherworldly abomination. The inscription in the stone before the statue is riddled with astrological symbols and strange names, but nothing more. The moment you read one of the names, the city begins to collapse, and you are whisked away by an incomprehensible force. You awaken several hours later, your head spinning. Your arms and legs are covered in thin, bloody incisions.
The Search for Kadath #143.
The Baleful Star


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