Ato. Stage 1

Clues: 2.
"Over fertile plains rolling down to the Skai he saw the smoke of cottage chimneys, and on every hand were the hedges and ploughed fields and thatched roofs of a peaceful land."
- H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Objective - At the end of the round, investigators at a Port location may spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.

Julian Kok
The Search for Kadath #122. The Search for Kadath #4.

To the Sea! - Back

You find a captain willing to grant you passage to the remote regions of the Dreamlands, wherein you may find signs from the gods to point you in the direction of Kadath.

Search the encounter deck, discard pile, and all play areas for Cats of Ulthar, each Pack of Vooniths, and each card from the Zoogs encounter set, and remove them from the game.

Shuffle each set-aside copy of Priest of a Thousand Masks into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

The investigators must decide (choose one):

- Visit the isle of Oriab to the south. Resolve Oriab Setup in the Campaign Guide.

- Visit the ancient land of Mnar to the west. Resolve Mnar Setup in the Campaign Guide.

- Visit the Forbidden Lands to the north. Resolve Forbidden Lands Setup in the Campaign Guide.

- Visit the kingdom of the Timeless Realm to the east. Resolve Timeless Realm Setup in the Campaign Guide.

Kingdom of the Skai
Kingdom of the Skai


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