Agenda. Stage 1

Doom: 7. Clues: –
Despite the advice of the Dreamlands' inhabitants, you and your companions seek unknown Kadath, where the gods dwell.

If you are at a Port location: Resign. Venturing into the unknown has become too dangerous, so you return to safety with the information you've gathered.

Jesse Mead
The Search for Kadath #120. The Search for Kadath #2.

The Corsair's Pursuit - Back

Months have passed since you first set forth from Ulthar. Along the way, you have seen many fabulous places and met many strange and interesting people. Some have been helpful, giving you sage advice or pointing you in the right direction. Most, however, have regarded you with suspicion and wariness. Perhaps it is because you are a dreamer from the outside world, or perhaps it is because you are foolish and accursed enough to seek the forbidden places of the Dreamlands.
But it is the Corsairs who truly frighten you. Throughout your travels, you spot them pursuing you time and time again. "Men of Leng," the inhabitants of the Dreamlands call them: satyr-like creatures with hooves instead of feet and great curved horns protruding from their foreheads. They sail on long, black galleys with black sails. You know not why they hunt for you relentlessly, and you are not keen to find out.

Shuffle both set-aside Corsair of Leng enemies into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

Journey Across the Dreamlands
Journey Across the Dreamlands


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