Ativo. Arcano


Cost: 1. XP: 3.


Usa (3 cargas).

Esgote Vidência e gaste 1 carga: olhe as 3 cartas do topo de qualquer baralho de investigador ou do baralho de encontros. Devolva-as ao topo desse baralho, em qualquer ordem. Se houver uma carta de Terror ou Presságio dentre as cartas olhadas, sofra 1 de horror.

Romana Kendelic
The Pallid Mask #236.


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Read the card closely. I think most people miss that this card no longer requires an action.

Yes, it has the potential to hit you for a horror now, but you gain the ability to now reliably use the card and not tax out your actions.

For almost ALL mystics, that makes this card far more playable, especially for Akachi and Norman Withers.

Check this card out if you are one of those two investigators, and maybe even some Agnes builds. Sometimes that horror trigger and the knowledge of what is coming can be all you need to pull out a win.

Myriad · 1211
I would see this as probably a good upgrade of Forbidden Knowledge for Agnes, especially if you are running uncage the soul — 2-XL · 1
I reviewed the core set versionof Scrying back in the good old days. Back toen I thought it was a rally good card. Thing changed afterwards when I noticed scenario's being a true race against the agenda deck. Giving up actions to trigger Scrying hurts when racing the agenda deck. This upgraded version makes me rally like Scrying again. — Heyenzzz · 6670
This version of Scrying synergizers beautifully with Norman Wither's signature asset: Split the Angle. StA makes you use an action to reveal the top encounter card, and then lets you discard for a fast action. With scrying, you can now reveal and discard, both for fast actions. Scrying also works well with Stargazing in solo mode. Makes it likelier that you'll find the all-important "Starts are Right" before the deck shuffles or the scenario ends. — Mordenlordgrandison · 433
This card is also ridiculously good for Luke. Give yourself a monster and go to your dream gate during upkeep -> the monster gets discarded. Seeing encounter cards for the next 1.5 turns is really good in 2-player, but with more, guardians have got better options. — Kitsunin · 1

Must-have card for Gloria. No action required, and Gloria can look 4 cards; all encounter cards drawn at next mytho phase can be checked and distributed even if 4 player game. (If she discard one, then she will check another by Alyssa or Scroll of Secrets.) If she trigger scrying for each round, you cannot meet any Ancient Evils at all! Of course, the number of charges is limited. However, Twila solves this. The remaining problem is taking horror. In my experience, whenever I trigger scrying by Gloria, I take 1 horror (except very few scenario).

elkeinkrad · 473