Ativo. Arcane


Cost: 4. XP: 2.


Uses (3 charges).

Spend 1 charge: Investigate. Investigate using instead of . You get +2 for this test. If you succeed you discover 1 additional clue at this location. If a , , , , or symbol is revealed during this test, after this test resolves lose all remaining actions and immediately end your turn.

Romana Kendelic
Edição Revisada #189.
Rite of Seeking


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have a question about effects that "end your turn". I'm the last investigator to take a turn during a round; I play "Let God sort them out...", which immediately ends my turn. Is there a player window after this action and before the end of the investigation phase? (Obviously any such window wouldn't be during my turn any more.) In other words, after playing Let God Sort Them Out with an action in step 2.2.1, does the game sequence continue as normal and return to the previous player window, or does "immediately end your turn" skip the sequence ahead to step 2.2.2? If it skips ahead, how would this interact with effects that end your turn at unusual times (e.g. drawing a symbol on Rite of Seeking during an action taken in the mythos phase with Quick Thinking?) A:
    • If you were the last investigator to take a turn and played “Let God sort them out…”, your turn would end. Referencing Appendix II: Timing and Gameplay, you would resolve step 2.2.2, which checks that everyone has taken a turn, then proceed to step 2.3, the official end of the investigation phase. There are no player windows following the last player’s turn ending; the Enemy Phase begins instead.
    • If you use Quick Thinking during the Mythos Phase and activate Rite of Seeking, the text at the end of Rite of Seeking has no additional effect, because you haven’t “taken a turn” and you don’t have any additional actions to lose. You would simply investigate, determine if you succeed or fail, then continue with the Mythos Phase.
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A note that the Rite of Seeking in the revised core set is Rite of Seeking(2) not Rite of Seeking. Other than that, kudos for giving mystics an investigation option right out of the revised core set.

Therebrae · 26
Man, I just barely remember playing mystic back when they were basically "bad guardian." They've come a long, weird way. — SGPrometheus · 776
Agnes was probably still a "much better guardian than Skids" out of the original core box. — Susumu · 351